New app: “BCN architecture guide by Josep Lluís Mateo”

“A personal guide is not scientific; it’s about sharing information and experiences.

My training as an architect was closely related with discovering my city. Buildings under construction (in the far-off fifties), a great mass of stone near where I lived (that was Gaudí’s La Pedrera), forms, masses, constructions that impressed me then and still do, and that perhaps will impress someone experiencing them for the first time.

I also include places to experience nature in tension with the city, places to be, rather than objects to look at.

The city from the top as a form in three strips: the mountain, the plain, the sea. Green, brown, blue.”

Josep Lluís Mateo

Mateo Arquitectura has launched “BCN Architecture Guide by Josep Lluís Mateo”, a new free app for travellers and architecture lovers. Discover the hidden places of Barcelona according to Josep Lluís Mateo: from the mountain to the seafront.

The app is available free at the App Store and Google Play.   




BCN Architecture Guide by Josep Lluís Mateo
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